Our history

Our history

Our goal is to amplify our partners brands across the entire value chain through a fully integrated omnichannel approach

2021 - 2023

Direct to consumer at the core​

Reinforcement of our drop shipment capabilities to better serve the end consumer. ​Start of our ambitious 2025 Digital plan. Transformation of the Smartoys stores and organization on consumer events. Our retail concepts expanding to Portugal and Romania ​.


Expansion géographique et numérique​

Opening of CLD France European network, investment in drop shipment capabilities, launch of our Market Places operations


Robotisation and expansion​

€ 2 million investment into the future: AutoStore – the automated warehouse robots. 1000 m² extra warehouse.​


Service development : our main concern​

Full rack-jobbing services.​ Tailor-made planogram optimization.​ EDI – VMI Integration / Early adopter of ESD (electronic software distribution)


New Horizons

Opening of two new divisions : Personal healthcare and Household.​ We open New business opportunities with our partner Reckitt Benckiser. New logistics, retail and reporting tools


Fiesta Cube & Dragonwar

We started a new audio and consumer electronics range, the Fiesta Cube is an award winning commercial success. Besides that we expanded our collaboration with DragonWar and became European Distributor


Board games

We launch a new depatement in order to market and distribute board games on the Benelux territories. Our turnover blasted over 30 millions euros.



We buy a new warehouse and office in Fernelmont, with 1500 square meters storage facilities it will allow us to grow further in the coming years. We also become exclusive distributors for some renowned video games editors.



Management is expanded with extra directors, we become the main supplier of the biggest specialized gameshop in french speaking Belgium (Smartoys). We also broaden our customers base by welcoming some big retails and by expanding to the north with the development of our Dutch speaking activities.



CLD is founded, our goal is to distribute video games (PC and consoles) to the independant stores in Belgium and France.